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Nieuwe versie van Corel WordPerfect Office: X4

Als ik het product kan testen, volgt hier een uitgebreide review!:
test is inmiddels begonnen!!!
Hier alvast de informatie in het persbericht:
Read this doc on Scribd: Wordperfect Office x4

Corel Launches WordPerfect® Office X4 – The World’s First PDF Office Suite Corel Adds Full Range of PDF Capabilities, Enhances Com patibility with Microsoft® Office 2007, and Introduces New Tools For Web Collaboration, Note Taking and Business Intelligence Ottaw a, Canada – 16 April 2008 – Corel Corporation (NASDAQ:CREL; TSX:CRE), a leading provider of graphics, productivity and digital m edia software, today released Corel® W ordPerfect® Office X4, the latest version of the world's leading alternative to Microsoft® Office. Available for download starting today, WordPerfect Office X4 breaks new ground as the world’s first PDF office suite. Offering a full range of PDF capabilities, WordPerfect Office X4 m akes it easy for users to im port, edit and export PDF docum ents, including scanned PDFs, sim plifying user workflows and reducing the need for third-party PDF software. File Form at Freedom In addition to its significant PDF enhancements, WordPerfect Office X4 now provides suitewide compatibility with Microsoft Office 2007 files (OOXML) and Open Docum ent Form at (ODF) in W ordPerfect X4. With PDF-reading software installed on m ore than 80% of all U.S. PCs (Source: Jupiter Research), WordPerfect Office X4 enables users to collaborate and share files m ore broadly and m ore effectively than ever before. W ordPerfect Office X4 extends WordPerfect’s legendary reputation for superior form atting power and control by introducing new Web collaboration and storage services, a new docum ent redaction tool, a W eb-connected digital notebook and an innovative new business intelligence package. “W ith WordPerfect Office X4, we wanted to deliver an office suite that enables users to m ore effectively com m unicate their ideas and achieve their best results,” said Jason Larock, Director of Product Management for WordPerfect Office. “W ordPerfect Office X4 builds upon the unique strengths of WordPerfect, adding m ore PDF capabilities, m ore Microsoft Office compatibility and new tools for collaboration, digital note taking and business intelligence. W e believe that our latest release provides users with an office suite that responds to their real-world needs and gives them the power to do m ore with words, num bers, and ideas.” “In a world often defined by conflicting standards where the user often feels neglected, Corel's refreshing approach stands apart by focusing on responding to custom er needs and helping them get quality work done faster,” said Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group. “With WordPerfect Office X4, Corel has created the m ost interoperable office suite in the m arket. This version has unique innovative capabilities that entice custom ers to use the new offering.” Trusted Features, Plus Breakthroughs in PDF, Collaboration and Data Visualization W ordPerfect Office X4 – Standard Edition includes the familiar word processing, spreadsheet, slide show and em ail applications that have consistently distinguished Corel’s office suite: WordPerfect, Quattro Pro® , Presentations™ and WordPerfect® MAIL™ *. This release also features innovative additions including Corel Connector™ online services, W ordPerfect® Lightning™ for digital note taking and Corel® Visual Intelligence™ SE for data visualization and business intelligence. These elem ents, in com bination, m ake up a powerful suite that helps custom ers com m unicate their ideas m ore effectively and with greater im pact. W ordPerfect Office X4 – Standard Edition includes the following new features and capabilities: New PDF Capabilities • New ! Im port PDFs – Easily convert electronically generated or scanned im age-based PDF files to fully editable text, using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology • Enhanced! Publish to PDF – Publish to PDF from within Corel W ordPerfect Office X4 without the need for separate PDF-creation program s • New! PDF Passw ords – Add password protection to PDF files to easily control who can view, print, or edit PDF docum ents • New ! Auto-preview PDF docum ents – Autom atically view PDF files published within W ordPerfect Office X4 • New! Tagged PDF support – Make PDF docum ents flow sm oothly on handheld devices and deliver accurate results on screen-reading devices • New ! PDF/A Support – Create PDFs for archival using ISO standard PDF/A file form at Enhanced Com patibility W ith Microsoft Office Files and ODF • New! Com patibility w ith Microsoft Office 2007 – Easily open and view Microsoft® Word 2007, Excel® 2007 or PowerPoint® 2007 files in WordPerfect X4, Quattro Pro X4, and Presentations X4 • New! Open and view O DF in W ordPerfect X4 – Easily open and view ISO standard Open Docum ent Form at (ODF) files in W ordPerfect X4 • Enhanced! M ulti-form at com patibility – Experience file-form at freedom with support for m ore than 60 file types, including Microsoft Word files back to version 1.0 Corel Visual Intelligence SE (Starter Edition): Data Visualization and Business Intelligence • New! Quickly Add Visuals to Data – Autom atically convert live data from the Web or from Quattro Pro or Microsoft Excel into powerful visuals • New! Turn Data Into Insight – Easily identify trends in data and intuitively tailor data analysis with a single click • New ! W hat-if analyses – Perform “What-If” analyses and share findings by quickly creating charts and slides • New! Upgrade to m ore advanced versions to obtain read/write support for larger spreadsheets and data sets, database connectivity and other features Corel Connector Online Services • New! Online storage – Access files anywhere, share content and collaborate m ore effectively with 200MB of free storage and backup • New ! Online calendaring, lists, bookm arks and contacts – Build shared work spaces online and share im portant inform ation with colleagues • New! Online com m unications– Interact with contacts online using integrated, shareable, em ail W ordPerfect Lightning: A W eb-Connected Digital Notebook • New ! Take notes and capture content – Save ideas in notes, store inform ation gathered from the Web and easily organize content • New! Turn Notes into docum ents – Create basic docum ents, add snapshots of anything on your desktop, use form atting tools to fine-tune your notes, and send content to WordPerfect or Microsoft Word • • New! File viewer – View Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and PDF files New! Collaborate online – Store files online and work with others, by using the Corel Connector–an anywhere/anytim e online collaboration environm ent featuring 200MB of free storage Other enhancem ents include: • New ! Redaction: Save tim e and expense using a redaction tool integrated directly into W ordPerfect X4. Easily redact legal or other docum ents and output them as W ordPerfect, Microsoft Word or PDF files • Enhanced! W indow s Vista integration: Enjoy the power and control of W ordPerfect Office X4 optim ized to work with W indows Vista® or Windows® XP • New ! Updated content – 8,000 clipart im ages, 175 photos and 900 TrueType® fonts • Enhanced! Free training and docum entation – Get step-by-step help for com m on productivity tasks in a tutorial-based guidebook, and learn even more with a free two hour training video Pricing and Availability W ordPerfect Office X4 – Standard Edition is available in English for download starting today at an SRP (suggested retail price) of £235 / €346 for the full version and £115 / €172 for the upgrade version. For m ore inform ation, to download a free trial version, or to purchase WordPerfect Office X4, please visit About Corel Corporation Corel is a leading developer of graphics, productivity and digital m edia software with m ore than 100 m illion users worldwide. The Com pany's product portfolio includes som e of the world's m ost popular and widely recognized software brands including CorelDRAW ® Graphics Suite, Corel® Paint Shop Pro® , Corel® Painter™ , Corel DESIGNER® , Corel® W ordPerfect® Office, WinZip® , WinDVD® and iGrafx® .Designed to help people become m ore productive and express their creative potential, Corel's software strives to set a higher standard for value with full-featured products that are easier to learn and use. The industry has responded with hundreds of awards recognizing Corel's leadership in software innovation, design and value. Corel's products are sold in m ore than 75 countries through a well-established network of international resellers, retailers, original equipment m anufacturers, online providers and Corel's global websites. The Com pany's headquarters are located in Ottawa, Canada with m ajor offices in the United States, United Kingdom , Germ any, Taiwan, China and Japan. Corel's stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the sym bol CREL and on the TSX under the sym bol CRE. -30*W ordPerfect Office X4 – Professional Edition and selected license versions of WordPerfect Office X4 – Standard Edition do not include the consum er-oriented em ail application W ordPerfect MAIL. Please visit for details. 2008 Corel Corporation. All rights reserved. Corel, WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, W ordPerfect MAIL, WordPerfect Lightning, Corel Visual Intelligence, CorelDRAW , Paint Shop Pro, Painter, Corel DESIGNER, WinZip, iGrafx, Ulead, WinDVD, and the Corel logo are tradem arks or registered tradem arks of Corel Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. All other product nam es and any registered and unregistered tradem arks m entioned are used for identification purposes only and rem ain the exclusive property of their respective owners. M edia Contact: Deborah Thom as Director, EMEA PR deborah.thom as@ Tel: +44 (0) 1628 589850

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