vrijdag 12 juni 2009

Nieuwe generatie antimalware met DriveSentry!

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personal data protection personal data protection If you value your personal data and want to keep your system safe from zero day threats, install DriveSentry as an extra layer of defence to ensure that you remain protected where traditional antivirus software fails. DRIVESENTRY... PROTECT YOURSELF Founded in 2005, with offices in the UK and the USA, DriveSentry is dedicated to providing a new generation of antivirus technology. Dubbed as “living Symantec’s dream” (Personal Computer World: 2007), DriveSentry’s primary objective is to provide trustworthy security solutions which take a different approach to that of traditional software, which is failing to keep up with the speedy rise in malicious code. DriveSentry is aware that viruses are spreading faster than antivirus signature updates, which is why DriveSentry combines its database of known threats with it database of known “trusted” programs and its online Advisor Community statistics, to ensure that users are protected against the known and the unknown. At DriveSentry we are obsessed with creating a secure environment for you to work, play and interact with your computer on the internet. Contact DriveSentry For all sales please contact our sales team at: sales@drivesentry.com For marketing please contact our marketing team at: marketing@drivesentry.com DriveSentry Limited Heathcote Buildings Heathcoat Street Nottingham NG1 3AA United Kingdom Tel : +44 (0) 115 941 4786 Fax: +44 (0) 115 924 2937 DriveSentry Inc. 800 West El Camino Real Suite 180 Mountain View CA 94040 United States Tel: (1) 650 969 3209 With around 80%* of virus attacks happening at the web application layer you need to ensure that you are fully protected from attack. DriveSentry is the next generation Security 2.0 antivirus technology providing personal data protection for your computer which ensures that you are safe from the rapidly growing number of trojans, worms, viruses and all the other “nasties” out there in the wild. Collectively known as malware, these ‘nasties’ could easily ruin your day, your computer or even empty your bank account! DriveSentry takes a different approach to conventional antivirus software. DriveSentry adopts a unique whitelisting technology and only allows good programs to access your computer’s memory, drives and data. This works in safeguarding you from zero day threats providing real-time up to the second security. *Michael Cross - Developer's Guide to Web Application Security Without DriveSentry you are not fully protected. Without DriveSentry you are not fully protected. www.drivesentry.com personal data protection DriveSentry is the world's first software firewall designed for Microsoft Windows, dedicated to protecting your computer's drives. personal data protection DriveSentry Desktop simply works by only allowing trusted programs to write to your protected items such as folders, files and system settings. And that includes all your personal data such as videos, music, photos, documents etc. In doing this, DriveSentry only allows authorized programs to write to your drives and registry, preventing damage to existing programs and personal data. Unlike traditional antivirus software, DriveSentry uses a unique “tri-security” technology which includes a whitelist of known good programs, a blacklist of known bad programs and DriveSentry’s Advisor community trusted programs which are based on user statistics. Using all three security features together, enables DriveSentry to provide real-time, up to the second, personal data protection without using huge amounts of system resources. DriveSentry's online Advisor contains an extensive database of known trusted programs and 1 million unique viruses, trojans and malware files which is growing at an incredible rate. 1000000 900000 800000 700000 600000 500000 400000 300000 200000 100000 Write access information is displayed in easy to read popup notifications, which from time to time may require your interaction. These popups are kept to a minimum thanks to the online Advisor database which enables the automation of write access decisions. When a program is automatically allowed or denied access, you will see a simple window flash up on your screen. DriveSentry boasts a simple yet powerful interface which enables everything from configuring your protected items, to scanning your drives for malicious files. When you are not using the main program interface, DriveSentry can be minimized to a neat InfoBar window which sits on your desktop and shows a graphical representation of all writes to your drives in real time. Future developments will see the InfoBar providing realtime critical security information, ensuring you are provided with up to the second protection. Total malware files DriveSentry main features July 07 Aug 07 Sept 07 Oct 07 Nov 07 Dec 07 Jan 08 Feb 08 0 The DriveSentry database can be accessed remotely or downloaded to your local machine and used to automate write access decisions. Using the Auto-Advisor function, DriveSentry Desktop will block the latest viruses, trojans and malicious code, with minimal interaction from the user. This enables even the most novice users to be safe in the knowledge that their drives are fully protected against the latest threats. DriveSentry certification DriveSentry was certified by WestCoast Labs and DriveSentry are now current members. The Checkmark is the world's fastest growing certification system for information security products and services. It is a highly regarded accreditation program that provides End Users with confirmation of a product or service's effective functionality and performance. Unlike other certification programs, the Checkmark testing criteria is peer reviewed by the WestCoast Labs Technology Forum. The Technology Forum consists of a group of senior IT security professionals in major corporate organizations around the world who ensure that standards and accreditation criteria are an accurate reflection of real world user requirements. DriveSentry is the new generation antivirus product providing security 2.0 protection, allowing you to protect and control access to your folders, files and system settings. DriveSentry can protect all drives including all removable storage devices attached to your computer. Devices such as Compact Flash, SD cards, Sony MagicGate, iPODs, memory cards, media players, mobile phones, digital camera media, removable PDA memory and USB flash drives. Automates write access decisions, minimizing popup notifications. Allows user to create powerful rules detailing exactly how programs can write to your drives. Only allow trusted programs to write to your protected items preventing damage from zero day threats which go undetected by conventional antivirus software. “tri-security” technology (good programs, bad programs, and Advisor community information) to protect your drives and automate write access decisions. Over 1 million unique malware signatures in database enabling effective offline protection and automation of write access decisions. Scans the content of files to check for malware before allowing them to write to your drives. Automatically blocks and quarantines known viruses, trojans, and malware code. DriveSentry enables the immediate scanning of files, folders and drives for over 1 million malware files held in our Advisor database. Powerful realtime statistical advice from the rapidly growing Advisor community. DriveSentry offers a range of technical support. DriveSentry and Go anywhere are trademarks of DriveSentry Inc. Microsoft™ and Windows™ are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Other brands and products are the trademarks of their respective holders. ©Copyright 2008 Drivesentry Inc. All rights reserved.

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