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Sagelight, a great photo editor, for whatever you want to pay!

"The freeware version of Sagelight Image Editor is currently our Top Pick for the "Best Free Digital Editor."  During the month of April, in an exclusive offer through Gizmo's Freeware, you can get the $60 full-featured version of this amazingly powerful professional image editor and pay just what you want! 
Pro Color editor dialogSagelight Image Editor

Sagelight Image Editor V3.0  (previously called LightboxPlus) is a professional 48-bit image editor, with many powerful features that can take a humdrum snapshot, and turn it into something truly exceptional.  If you can use a computer mouse  then you can use this program.  It is designed around a very simple and user friendly concept of click and drag sliders, that are completely intuitive, and you can see the results of the adjustments in real-time.   You will be able to begin using it immediately to enhance your pictures, even if you have very limited  knowledge of digital photo editing software.  If you find yourself saying, "Since it is easy for beginners to use, it can't be powerful enough for a professional,"  then you would be very mistaken.  The keyword here is "depth"  This program has real depth. As you become more familiar with the program, you will find that every aspect of your images can be tuned.  By combining different functions with each other, you can bring out details and colors you had no idea were even there.
Part of the power of this program is that it supports 48bit color depth.  That is over over 281 trillion possible colors.   The human eye can perceive little beyond 24bit, which might leave some asking, "So what the point of the other 24?" ......"
read more on Gizmo's Freeware
and on the developer's site
Watch how you can enhance an image in Quick Edit Mode:

Some features:

Sagelight 48-bit Image Editor v3.0 features:

  • Very fast, real-time native 48-bit editor
  • Most functions written with SSE/MMX technology
  • Easy and Intuitive controls, designed just for Sagelight
  • .8BF Filter Support.  Many filters included.
  • Powerful 'Quick Edit Mode'
  • Professional level functions
  • Dodge and Burn, and Clone Brush
  • Unlimited Undo History with an "Undo Brush" to merge or blend different image states
  • "Smart Light" features to help add light or create contrast without destroying image information
  • Tooltips on every control and extensive help
  • Very powerful masking functions
  • Tutorials for major functions
  • Extensive Auto Color/Auto Level algorithms to help balance your image
  • Straighten Horizon (arbitrary rotate) with Auto Crop
  • Resize, Crop, Add Border, Red Eye removal, Print, etc.
  • Unsharp Mask, Gaussian Blur, Median, and Skin Smoothing and noise removal functions
  • More than 50 different functions and effects
  • 48-bit RAW File Support with Highlight Recovery
  • 48-bit, compressed tiff (read and write) support
New Features of Sagelight (compared to Lightbox 2.0)
  • ICC Profile Support with an ICC icon for images with profiles
  • Real-time Histogram with composite curve display
  • Core engine re-written in MMX/SSE technology (i.e. ultra fast)
  • 40 new function and effects modes, including
    • 48-bit Gaussian Blur, Unsharp Mask, Channel Mixer, variable Saturation Increase, Median function, Skin Smoothing Functions, Image Blending, Vignette, Photo Filter/Gradient, Skin/Image smoothing, abitrary rotation (i.e. straighten horizon), etc.
    • Standard functions such as Posterize, Threshold, Maximum, Median, etc. -- all with multiple options for interesting effects.
    • General effects such as Duotoning, Color Contrast functions, Soft Glow/Focus, Moasic 2d/3d, Vintage Picture, edge effects, glass, plastic, oil paint, etc.
  • All curves (i.e. RGB/Color sliders) have been redesigned to work more fluidly, faster, and are much higher resolution.
  • All Brushes (such as Clone, Dodge and Burn, and Undo Brush) have been redesigned and re-implemented and are now fast and realtime, making these functions a lot more useful and high-end quality.
  • New Auto Levels and Auto Color routines with Histogram Display
  • Raw Highlight Mode Recovery Support
  • the "Add Border" function has been revamped and is now much more useful
  • Initial load is much faster
  • There is now a mini-toolbar which is much more useful and out of the way -- the 2.0 version was too big and is now gone
  • The resizing functions have been enhanced
  • There is now a File Info function that displays Exif information
  • File loading and saving is much faster.
I took Sagelight for a test drive and it is an easy to use but powerful image editor!
The best advice: download and try for yourself, get convinced and make use of the April offer!

Some screen shots: (click on images to enlarge)

opening screen

Quick Edit Mode

Quick Edit Mode: Auto Levels and Auto Color

using Smart Fill Light quickly puts (Sage;-)light into my picture!

Filters and Effects: Oilpaint

opening a RAW file in Normal Mode

of course there are Usage Tips and Help on board, but there are a lot of Video Tutorials too!

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