dinsdag 13 maart 2012

Zonerama Android App

All your photos, everywhere you go. In top quality, all in one place.
Users of the Zonerama web gallery rejoice – their Android album viewer is here!
Create a FREE account on http://www.zonerama.com, upload your photos, and have all your albums always by your side.
* Your photos in a mobile device, always at the best available quality.
* Your heart’s favorite pictures are with you even when the Internet isn’t.
* Auto-update for albums of your choice.
* Photo sizes optimized for your device – use less memory and bandwidth!
* Simple, intuitive controls.
* Spy-free, ad-free... just FREE.
* And all the other benefits of the unique duo that is Zoner Photo Studio plus the Zonerama web galleries.

Zonerama is an online gallery where you can upload your photos quickly and easily in HD quality. No ads, no unnecessary compression, no compromises, and now: a big YES to Android!
The creators of your favorite photo suite, Zoner Photo Studio, and the acclaimed Zoner Antivirus for Android have joined up to help photographers around the world present their photos anywhere and everywhere.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional photographer or just want to show your family the latest photos of your kids, the Zonerama android gallery is a great way to use your phone or tablet to show off the photos you’ve published online on Zonerama.
Create a free account on http://www.zonerama.com and take your photos with you wherever you go!
Ik ben al een enorme fan van hun Zoner Photo Studio Pro, waaruit je overigens direct naar de online foto-opslag Zonerama kunt uploaden.
En nu is er dus ook een Android APP voor Zonerama beschikbaar.
Vergeet dan ook niet meteen het gratis Zoner AntiVirus te installeren, want het is al beste getest door AV-test.org

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