vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Immunet - Immunet Blog - We are in the home stretch!

We’ve now shipped Immunet Protect Beta Build 1.0.24(67). This build represents our introduction of the new ETHOS Protection engine as well as a series of detection improvements to our current Cloud Engine technologies.

ETHOS Protection is a 'Heuristic' based engine. ETHOS Protection is specially designed to find threats 'generically' and then send them to the cloud so people in the Immunet Community can be protected from them at the same time as you detect them. ETHOS examines every file executed, downloaded and flash scanned. If you’re wondering what this means in practical terms it is this; our detection rates jump at least 3 times with this new offering. For the next several weeks ETHOS will be ‘on the job training’. This means the engine will be reviewing data but not yet ‘convicting’ it. At the end of the ‘training period’ we’ll flip the on switch and people should start seeing a marked increase in malware detections!

This release also marks the beginning of the home stretch for us. We expect only one more build to ship before April, and that will only be shipped if we need to address urgent in-field issues. Our efforts are now going to be directed at getting our 2.0 release shipped to you all by late April or early May. The April release will showcase 2 more engines, a brand new UI and some very exciting and novel features which do not exist in the Anti-Virus community today. Between here and there we’d ask for your patience. We will be heads down getting this work done and may not be as responsive we would like between here and there.

If you are currently running a previous version of Immunet Protect we suggest you do not upgrade right away. We are going to ship a set of updaters to do the work for you so you do not have to uninstall and then re-install manually. These updaters should be out within the next day or two and when they are we will announce them on our Community Forum. Of course, if you really want to upgrade manually, please feel free to do so.

Promising Free Cloud protection: brand new version in April will be reviewed here!

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