zaterdag 22 december 2007

Vakantietips voor Gmail

Gebruik je Gmail?
Dan heeft Google wat tips om nieuwe mogelijkheden te proberen:

We've had a busy year re-coding Gmail and providing you with a slew of new features before this holiday season. Now it's time for a break. We'll be back in January, but until then, we've assembled a list of things you can do using Gmail in case you get bored over the holiday*:
Try one of three new chat features to keep in better touch:
group chat with your family, reconnect with your long lost AIM friends, or add some spirit to your smiley.
Grab a video camera and
share your Gmail story with the world.
Send out your holiday cards by email -- it's cheaper than stamps and they're searchable that way.
Change your labels to holiday colors to make your inbox more festive.
Playing with your iPhone this holiday season? Then
try out free IMAP access and sync your Gmail inbox across devices..... bron: Gmail blog

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