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Zoho Show 2.0 - online presentatie met Zoho!

Who Needs Powerpoint? Create Your Presentations Online with Zoho Show 2.0
Scott Gilbertson, Wired Blogs

The new Show interface mimics the features of Powerpoint and offers niceties not found in most other online office apps. Show 2.0 boasts right-click context menus, floating palettes and other tools you’ll recognize from desktop apps, but Show doesn’t stop there. Zoho has also incorporated a chat mechanism for live collaboration and presentation, as well as Zoho Desktop, a notes panel and version tracking.

While all of Zoho’s many office tools are quite slick compared to competitors — Google’s slideshow offering looks woefully inadequate next to Zoho — Show 2.0 raises the bar even for other Zoho apps. While Zoho Writer and others have similar features and options, Show’s new interface looks much nicer and the floating palettes especially make styling much easier than the options in Writer.

Zoho Show 2.0 Unveiled - Compares Well to Powerpoint, One-Ups Google
Richard MacManus, ReadWriteWeb

Zoho Show 2.0 is slick and compares well with Powerpoint; and has added collaboration features. Plus, not for the first time, it's one-upped Google - whose online presentations software is basic by comparison.

As we mentioned in our Web Office 2007 Year in Review post last week, Zoho is arguably the most complete and full-featured Web Office suite on the market. Throughout 2007 the company has announced a steady stream of new products and upgrades. We think Zoho's suite, called Zoho Business, will hold the key for the company going forward - as it continues to integrate its many products and features into a compelling whole.

Zoho Launches Zoho Show 2.0
Allen Stern, Center Networks

It's amazing how close the Zoho products are to typical desktop Office packages but with the easy Web sharing features.

I believe Zoho needs to begin focusing on outreach and marketing. The products are stable and feature-rich, but I still don't hear the Zoho name in general conversation. If they ramp up their marketing machine, I could see their growth curve moving much more rapidly into the full-on mainstream

Zoho Show 2.0, Cleaner Look, New Features
Nick Gonzalez, TechCrunch

Over the past two years Zoho has launched 12 applications along with 4 utilities, nearly all with APIs. The team has shown a strong commitment to steadily improving their products, making them a compelling alternative to the incumbent, Google.

This morning they’ve released a new version of Zoho Show that cleans up the program’s interface and adds a greater array of features than Google’s Presently.

Zoho updates its online PowerPoint clone
Brad Linder, downloadsquad

[Zoho Show] brings much of the power of Microsoft PowerPoint to a web based application. In fact, there are some things that you can do with Zoho Show that you can't do with PowerPoint. For example, you can embed a presentation on a web site, or invite a group of people to watch a presentation live in real time while sharing comments in a chat window.

Zoho Tackles Powerpoint With Zoho Show
Stan Schroeder, Mashable

The folks at Zoho just don’t seem to get tired: they announce new features, products and services for their online office suite on an almost weekly basis, which is what we usually expect from Google. This time, they’ve launched a new version of Zoho Show, an online tool for creating presentations, which we can most easily describe as the online version of Microsoft’s Powerpoint.

The new Zoho Show works great and blows Google Presentation’s socks off: it has got more features and options and a much slicker look. The ability to create templates through master styles, set detailed image properties, or use existing clip art brings Zoho Show much closer to Powerpoint than Google’s presentations

Zoho refreshes its Show online presentation tool
Larry Dignan, ZDNet

Show 2.0 features a new user interface and more comprehensive editing tools that rival desktop competitors.

With Show 2.0 Zoho is working to stay ahead of Google. So far so good.

Zoho Show 2.0 - Throw Away PowerPoint!
Mayank Gupta, ReviewSaurus

This new update will certainly make Zoho Show the best of the available online office and will bring them way ahead (in terms of the product) with rest all the competitors.

Zoho Show 2.0
Simon Fodden,

The impressive provider of online apps, Zoho, is coming out this weekend with an updated version of its presentation software, Zoho Show 2.0. (Sounds appropriately seasonal, doesn’t it: zoho show two oh, ho ho?). If you’re looking for an alternative to heavy and costly PowerPoint, this might be it, particularly as your presentation is going to live on someone else’s server and be there (more than likely) when you’re fumbling around for the memory stick that has your deck on it.

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