zaterdag 26 januari 2008

Xyntec conversie-gereedschap

Numerimal is a numeral converter. It will convert between decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary and any other user-selectable base up to 64-base. This software was developed to fill a missing niche in other converters. Numerimal has the added option of converting using the rarely used one based hexadecimal conversion. Please visit Numerimal's web page for details and to download this free software today!

Numerimal ScreenShot


Converber is a unit converter. It is a powerful software utility that will help make easy conversions between 1208 various units of measure in 32 categories. Converber converts everything from length and force to flow and temperature. Simply visit Converber's web page for details and download.

nuttige tools en gratis voor privégebruik!
Converber heeft ook een Nederlandtalige menu

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