woensdag 27 februari 2008

AmoK maken? Nee krimpen: AmoK DVD Shrinker

AmoK DVD Shrinker shrinks DVDs up to one fifth of the original size without any noticeable quality reduction.
Due to the smaller file size the copy can be burned on a "normal" 2.5 or 4.7 DVD-R. The DVD's menus, subtitles, audio tracks etc all stay preserved.
Though, if you want only the original film is being copied/ripped.
AmoK DVD Shrinker uses an open source DLL (ShrinkTO5), which offers excellent quality with high speed.
The GUI is easy to use but offers all necessary options.
Please note: AmoK DVD Shrinker cannot burn DVDs.
AmoK DVD Shrinker only shrinks the DVD.
Some DVDs are protected from copying.
At least in Germany it is prohibited to actively remove a copy protection. Therefore, AmoK DVD Shrinker offers no functionality to directly rip a copy protected DVD (DeCSS).
On the other hand, AmoK DVD Shrinker supports the popular and freely available Machinist2.dll.
Please inform yourself if it is legal in your country to download and use the Machinist2.dll.
naar dat bestand moet je dus eerst even Googlen, lees verder op de web site
AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.3 (Official Website)
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